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Leyna Nyx
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I am a college sophmore addicted helplessly to the written word.....at least when it doesn't concern academics...lol....I am going to school in Buffalo, 8 hours away from my darling Southern roots and plan on becoming a veterinarian.....My life is utterly boring and your interest in it is astounding just so you know...
I am a helpless DG fan girl n like other pairings in the HP universe such a SS/HG, HG/BZ, HP/PP, PP/RW, RW/LL, LL/BZ...u write it nicely, I luv it....
And apparently posting your year isn't enough to satisfy lj so I will state that I am over 18. I am in my 20s, unless you are that creepy bus man and then I am 22 and my name is Dana and yes I am from WestBumbleF**k tyvm....lol...
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