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Leyna Nyx
27 June 2017 @ 07:01 am
I've gone from lurking to absent and I'm sorry. I moved across the country and sort of hit the ground running. I also honestly hate the new LJ format and don't know how to escape it. I can't promise I'll be back for long.
Leyna Nyx
15 November 2015 @ 10:54 pm
I am currently taking apart peanut butter pretzels (I eat the pretzel and the dog gets the PB filling) so I figured this would be a good time to update. It's been ages and I doubt much has change but I figured you want to know I'm alive.

I do read the F list and comment but I am a lurking lurker

I haven't read any fic in ages- nothing has tempted me. I need another exchange or something with long lovely works to read. I went through and read fics over again but I can't keep doing that.

I feel like since it's been forever maybe you don't know I have a dog? But I do and we've been together over 2 years. She is wondering why the PB has stopped and keeps staring at me.

I am working on becoming a teacher and I want to go for my Masters. I have felt for some time like things were not going my way and that fate was laughing at me. Well laugh all you want destiny I will make something of myself! And likely die of stress in the process!

Speaking of health I'm getting really upset with myself health wise. I have wanted to lose weight for ages but I am mostly ok with my body. I tried to use a wedding this summer for motivation and that didn't work so now I'm suck with a wedding picture that makes me want to sob in the shower like they do in movies. Halloween I tried on some of my closes and I broke the zipper on one thing and almost died trying on another. I need to get fit. I just have to find the motivation and make it part of my routine.

I can't think of anything else. So enjoy life!
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Leyna Nyx
18 September 2014 @ 11:40 am
Sometimes I hate the fact that I've been reading fanfic for years. Why? Because I randomly remember stories I read and then I can never find them. They're not always the best stories and honestly I think I only remember them because they're not what I normally read.
Today's quest? A RW/MB fix from ages ago. They were both in auror training. It was a one off if I remember correctly and possibly NC-17. I remember there being some element of UST as they worked out.
I also had this off Dramione/Snarry fix I was after for some time. I normally never read either but it involved Draco having a one off with Hermione, getting her pregnant, running back to Harry and this confusing relationship.
Now if it was an ss/hg story I could find it in 2 clicks. But the odd pairings I stumble upon are usually due to clicking random links on LJ aka nothing will ever help me find them *sigh*
Leyna Nyx
11 September 2014 @ 07:08 am
This is one of my half asleep stories I composed. As usual, the original I remember being much better but as I was half asleep this version will have to do.
Warning: there is mention of character death

StoryCollapse )
Leyna Nyx
21 March 2013 @ 08:31 pm

Roughly 15 years ago, I desperately wanted a black and white parti-color cocker spaniel. I would've sold my tiny child soul to get my hands of that dog.  A deal was made- if I could make it on the honor roll my dream would come true. I did my part and was excited to finally get my hands on what I wanted.

Then my sister piped up "why does she always get a dog? I've never had a dog. I want a dog". My mother decided it was time to play fair and indulge her other child. Around this time, my great-aunt's dog had a litter of puppies. It was decided that instead of the cocker spaniel we would get a dog from the litter. My great-aunt brought all of the puppies to our house so we could take our pick. My grandmother wanted a tricolor black, white and brown puppy. I decided we had to at least get a black and white puppy to appease my wounded soul. My sister spotted a puppy that had crawled away from its siblings and was sleeping against our couch. The unimpressive tan and white puppy didn't want to play-it just wanted to take a nap by itself. My sister decided this puppy would be perfect.

We all protested her choice-who wanted such a boring, unimpressive puppy?- but in the end it was the right choice. That unimpressive puppy-originally dubbed snowball and then named Tiger after the dog on the Brady Bunch- grew into an impressive specimen. Much like the ugly duckling, nobody expected a handsome dog to grow from that unimpressive puppy. Nobody expected the reserved puppy that wouldn't even play with its siblings to turn into the dog that ruled the block. The quiet, hidden puppy that grew into the sneaky, smart dog that could steal and hide with the best of them. The dog that threatened the life of every delivery worker, no matter their company or affiliation.

That dog that was originally unwanted grew into a family pet who was much loved and will be greatly missed.

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Leyna Nyx
05 February 2013 @ 03:12 pm
It's my birthday.... I might post something more deep and meaningful later but all I can think about is how tired I am
Leyna Nyx
16 July 2012 @ 09:08 am
Hello All! I'm sure you're confused seeing this post as I never seem to post. Just know that I'm on LJ, scrolling my Friends Page and I read everything you write. O.O Anyway I figured it was time for me to do an update-especially as I seem to have no work to do at the moment.

Summary fo Life So FarCollapse )
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Leyna Nyx
01 March 2012 @ 08:24 pm
Hello All! I know I seem to appear randomly but that is life! Just wanted to give an update I guess.

-I am busy trying to make some serious career moves-this job I have was supposed to be temporary, especially as I hate it, and I feel like I've been here far too long. Making moves and making plans!
-Had a birthday! Another year older! This year I figured since I wasn't doing anything serious with myself I had the time to indulge so I took a trip to CA! First time on the west coast and the weather was awesome! I plan on moving there at some point *crosses fingers*
-Things have been strange for me lately as I have 2 cousins the same age as me and one of them is pregnant. It's just strange that we're all growing up and now one of us is going to be a parent-I'm not sure if I'm responsible enough for something like that so I can only imagine how she feels.
-I am rereading fics in a fit of boredom. It all started with Care of Magical Creatures by miamadwyn- and yes I reread the entire thing! It was such a beautiful story and I lvoed reading it again! Next was The Gilded Cage by ApollinaV and I just finished rereading Pet Project by caeria. I think I might keep thing going although I have a copy of Sense and Sensibility waiting for me to finish it and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo needing to be read.
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Leyna Nyx
01 March 2012 @ 08:13 pm

I personally have a preference for angst when it comes to fanfiction, especially my HGSS. I think it’s because the first HGSS fic I ever read was Hinge of Fate by Ramos (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1024910/1/Hinge_of_Fate) It’s a dark story and I know some people aren’t fans but it’s really one of my favorites and I reread it quite frequently. I won’t say I exclusively read angst, I mean I have read and love Baby It’s You by Slut Queen Virgin King (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1261128/1/Baby_Its_You) but the stories that stick out for me are things like Argury and Ardor by SnapeySnax (http://ashwinder.sycophanthex.com/viewstory.php?sid=14458) and The Love you take by Subversa (http://ashwinder.sycophanthex.com/viewstory.php?sid=16967).

I know I’ve mentioned before I’m not a fan of Schoolgirl! Hermione but there’s a common element to the stories I read that feature her- it’s not an easy tale or one where there’s been this Lolita! Hermione who is so irresistible Snape loses his mind. I think Mistakes Men Make by Razzberry (http://ashwinder.sycophanthex.com/viewstory.php?sid=8574) kind of highlights how insane hat idea would be. The stories I can stomach with a younger Hermione show a mature student above her peers and above age who doesn’t easily fall into the arms of a man who has been her superior for years. It’s a struggle for them to even admit their attraction and truly become a couple, which I see as a more realistic tale.

I don’t want it to come off as though I love angst and stick with dark SSHG. I love the story The Marriage Benefit by MiaMadwin (http://owl.tauri.org/stories.php?psid=9329) and I am frequently rereading Big Name Death Eater by Shiv5468 (http://ashwinder.sycophanthex.com/viewstory.php?sid=11509) and the many sequels. I read many other pairings and some rare pairs, although I will admit I tend more towards the angsty at times. I just find it more realistic for there to be a struggle in a relationship than rainbows and harps.

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Leyna Nyx
05 January 2012 @ 09:35 pm
Is this thing still working? I know I've been absent but I swear I have a good excuse! I was off being awesome you see ;)
I'm in what I'm calling a transition year so things actually haven't been awesome and awe inspiring but they are what they are and I'll take them that way. I have been keeping up with fic though and read most of the SSHG Exchange so go me! I've been addicted to Tegan and Sara for some months now and I brought the Get Along DVD as a Christmas gift and it's nice, although the concert video on youtube is funnier and more embarrassing...My Best Friend got me the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and it's awesome but also adorable in the way it quotes bits of the books and has facts about the dishes...
I want to do a post soon about fic but for now I will sign off and continue lurking!
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